Serious Playstore

If you want to play Spy&Spy, then is your playground.

Spion und Spion


The inventor of this smallish lookalike “webshop” for the ANT catalogue presents his proof of concept during Defcon:

While the approach is certainly causing some people to laugh out loud, the bitter truth is, that some surveillance systems are becoming readily available for everybody.


When dealing with a government or its agencies, their bold approach might be criticized and protested against. But, there is no doubt that many feel a strong desire to look into their neighbor’s private life with no other authorization than commercial interest or pure curiosity. Enforcing any resistance against this requires a lot of work (how would you find out who exactly placed the listening-device in the PCIe slot, the WiFi intercept disguising as a “surge plug”  or the logger into keyboard-cable?) or is plainly impossible.

Building IMSI catchers and GSM surveillance systems ( ) out of scrap electronics and a bit of mental sweat means more people can potentially listen in to business or pivate calls, ignoring deliberately the fact that it is against the law of any country.