FireEye real world analysis

FireEye has published some valuable insights on how vulnerable defense-in-depth approaches can be. How can it be, that $67 Billion are spent on security, and yet all major brands, companies and sites are being hacked or breached? Good and pretty detailed reading.

Here are some key findings from “Maginot Line” include:

  • Nearly all (97 percent) organizations had been breached, meaning at least one attacker had bypassed all layers of their security architecture.
  • More than a fourth (27 percent) of all organizations experienced events known to be consistent with tools and tactics used by advanced persistent threat (APT) actors.
  • Three-fourths of organizations had active command-and-control communications, indicating that attackers had control of the breached systems and were possibly already receiving data from them.
  • Even after an organization was breached, attackers continued to attempt to compromise the typical organization more than once per week (1.6 times) on average.
  • On average, attackers’ software exploits and malware downloads bypassed other security layers 1.51 and 122 times, respectively.

The report has been out since March, but it is up-to-date, nonetheless.

Study details
Study details