The Preferred Seat Hoax: Airlines Charge for the Same Seats

When it comes to the airlines, Mr. Greenberg is an angry man. Have a look for yourself:

The Preferred Seat Hoax: Airlines Charge for the Same Seats.


Obviously, the airlines are doing quite a bit to aggravate elite-frequent-fliers lately and the same applies to the regular guy. Lufthansa are charging extra for an economy seat that has no advantage over a regular one, and not too ashamed to take 20€ for it – per leg of the flight. The scheme of limiting access to real “preferred” seats and calling middle seats “preferred” makes one wonder… Read on for an interesting insight.

The fight over eco seats, armrests and legspace and whether you want to have the front-seat’s top in your face is ridiculous. Whoever’s pocket is not padded enough to pay C or F are up for human interaction of a kind, nobody wants.

“Whenever possible, I shop for fares on one computer and then clear my cookies or book on another computer altogether. If you want to take it a step further, go to a different location. While there’s no proof or hard evidence, there is growing anecdotal evidence that suggests airlines are tracking your behavior online, and potentially even tracking IP addresses, and prices could go up for flights that are searched frequently.”

is another good recommendation.