AGCOM seeks input on IoT

Like Ofcom in the UK, Italian AGCOM seeks input on Internet of Things. In the pursuit of business cases that will help Telecommunication Service Providers to leave the corner in which they stand as infrastructure providers like a worn out elderly catcher, the internet of things looks like a potential new business, where the chances are looking potentially better than in voice or data communications.

The challenge for the carriers is the same as before, though: They need to embrace innovation, even if it means breaking traditional business processes.

If they have the necessary maturity today remains to be seen. One thing is obvious, though: Innovation will not come through cutting costs. It will require new thinking, fresh ideas and cutting corners in the hierarchy.

Deutsche Telekom tried with developers garden, BT has some of the coolest innovation scouts dispatched globally and Orange/FT has already seen the holy grail in mobile healthcare. The IoT will be the underlying structure and disruption is to be expected.

A call for papers and input seems to be the obvious thing to do.