Hidden Cloud Costs: AWS, Azure Management Costs Compared – InformationWeek article worth reading

Azure has so many great features, but simply doesn’t help you if your Linux choice is Red Hat Enterprise. AWS doesn’t help you in automatically restarting VMs on their own and require their clients to use their tools of managing the computing power. There are hidden pitfalls that

InformationWeek has a great article on making the right choice when choosing your cloud vendor in their article “Hidden Cloud Costs: AWS, Azure Management Costs Compared.”

I used to have a good spreadsheet that compared the costs with the different standard options, but time has gone by since it has been updated the last time.

For someone looking to choose the right supplier for their cloud needs, the decision process can get a bit foggy, so the article tries to shed some light on the matter and is a good starting point for an educated choice.

In another recent InformationWeek article, “all in the cloud” companies General Eöectric and airbnb are being looked at and as it sits today, the cloud is still difficult to find the right metrics for to measure benefits and risks.

There are analytics-tools and reports available, but of course you have to have the service running in order to calculate the ROI.