Late to the NFC-Party: Apple adds American Express, Visa, MasterCard as mobile payment partners

As the last iPhone release wanes on the horizon,  Apple adds American Express, Visa, MasterCard as mobile payment partners. Oh, and did you read that NFC will be there as well, at least according to Cult of Mac? Wait, will the upcoming also sport wireless charging as most Lumias already  do? Time to catch up.

Nevertheless, mobile payments are still posing a risk to the general public. While PC DSS (imposed by the credit card issuers and putting high penalties on wrongdoings) guides the web-based retail enterprises on how to secure their sites, it remains to be seen, how the mobile payment market will be protected in the future, as most smartphones today are a moving vulnerability. Other than in a personal computer, the user has little to no influence on what their device communicates to where – recent studies showed an Android phone opens communications with more than 30,000 requests to 76 IP addresses just when doing a bit of surfing, social media and texting in a typical manner – Channel 4 reported research results a while ago).