China: “You, Microsoft. Office-Windows ‘compatibility’. You have 20 days to explain!”

The Register mentions a motion that was overdue, and it comes from China of all places.

It has been a sad experience for millions of users spending umpteen hours of time checking and double-checking, whether their documents seemd to be showing the same way cross platform, or even cross versions. They, in fact, never were.

Leave alone using some other SW in between opening documents in a work-group that had people using “kind-of-compatible” Apple products or open source packages such as Libre or Open Office.

The twisted approach in mucking up open (XML) formats with additional “features” under the headline of improving the standard ,never convinced anyone in the group of people that had to sit in front of the screens and triple check the looks of documents pouring in from all kinds of systems and versions.

So maybe, just maybe, the Chinese frontal attack will have true compatibility materialize on the blueprints in Redmond.