Amazon Might Have Fix For Chinese Suppliers Who Don’t Like Alibaba

Amazon Might Have Fix For Chinese Suppliers Who Don’t Like Alibaba according to, the Pilot Free Trade Zone of Shanghai may resolve the puzzle that cross border eCommerce was posing to the players. With Alibaba’s IPO valuing more than $21bn according to Bloomberg BusinessWeek, and happening right on the front-door of Amazon, they are pushed and pulled in getting better access to the Chinese eCommerce market.

Gaining access previously required massive cooperation with the behemoth, as Chinese shoppers turned to the cross-over of eBay and Amazon first, rather than searching for stuff on Baidu, the Chinese Google.

So, in China, Amazon is a me-too, rather than an innovator. Plus, the Chinese Giant is doing well: They don’t muck around with losses, but show pretty healthy $3.76 billion in net income for the period, out of 8.46 billion revenues from the three main sites (Taobao, Tmall and Juhuasuan).

Maybe Jeff Bezos should loose less time on thinking about delivering drones, and more about delivering value.