RBS 6402 – Ericsson Pico cell with some neat features

After the smallish, Lipton-tea-box sized base station that Alcatel Lucent brought to the market and Huawei’s announcement of bringing 300 Mbps LTE to East Londons “silicon roundabout” for field test, Ericsson brings out RBS 6402, a multi-standard indoor pico base station that combines all niceties and is going to target millions of small businesses and buildings.

The RBS 6402 is a high-performance indoor multi-standard/mixed-mode – LTE, WCDMA and Wi-Fi – small cell with carrier aggregation that delivers 300 Mbps LTE in a tablet-sized footprint. It cost-effectively serves the needs of smaller commercial buildings, which have the same mobile broadband coverage and capacity requirements as their larger counterparts, but where this must be achieved at lower cost.

Especially the very few LTE-A users will be excited, as they can gain the most from the functionality, that Ericsson calls “the first real-time-traffic-management-solution”. Mo

re here: RBS 6402 – Ericsson.