T-Mobile US to open WiFi for crystal clear calls, even from the basement

This has been in the discussion of the Telco community for a while, sprinkled with a lot of “if”s and “when”s. Now TMUS gets it done, seriously.

The Un-carrier unveiled the T-Mobile Personal CellSpot, a new device that enables everyone to put the capabilities of a personal T-Mobile tower in their house.

With 57% of American wireless users saying they often drop calls in and around their home, the Personal CellSpot delivers a full-bars T-Mobile experience − in your basement workshop, small business or anywhere else you have broadband – using state-of-the-art Wi-Fi technology. What’s more, it can completely replace your existing Wi-Fi router or operate right alongside it. And, the T-Mobile Personal CellSpot comes with unique patent-pending technology that prioritizes voice calls for crystal clear HD voice.

Starting September 17th, every Simple Choice customer with a broadband connection and a Wi-Fi-calling ready smartphone can get a T-Mobile Personal CellSpot completely free of charge with a $25 refundable deposit. The only thing left to do is decide where you want your personal full-bars T-Mobile experience.

T-Mobile Launches Un-carrier 7.0 Un-leashes Wi-Fi Worldwide | T-Mobile Newsroom

This sounds liek a clever strategy in a market that cherishes new fads and features alike. To me, it sounds like a clever move in a country where broadband traditionally is more prevalent than good cell-coverage. Wonder, whether I can extend this to a place, say, in Germany and a VPN to the US….



via T-Mobile Launches Un-carrier 7.0 Un-leashes Wi-Fi Worldwide | T-Mobile Newsroom.