What will patch-Tuesday look like for your fridge?



“What is Patch Tuesday going to look like for the Internet of Things…for my refrigerator, and my TV and my car?” In Kaufman’s (Director of Information Innovation at DARPA) case, he also has to consider IoT and national security. He can’t imagine telling the Navy’s Seventh Fleet, “You have to come home on Tuesday because we have to patch you.”

Pretty good question, as the fridge doesn’t know anything about being patched…

“You probably know us best for the Internet,” said Dan Kaufman, more recently and under his tenure, DARPA also came up with Siri. “Oh, we’re the worst marketing people in the world — my office did Siri, but when we had it, we called it ‘programming assistant that learns’ — PAL,” Kaufman explained at the Code Conference re/code. “To make it worse, because we don’t even understand our own acronyms, we called it ‘AL,’ because the ‘P’ is silent, I guess.”

Kaufman said he, like most everyone else, is really excited about the Internet of Things. But “if we don’t have a fundamental new cybersecurity approach to it, we are not going to enjoy this Internet of Things.”

via Shall we play a game? DARPA: ‘Computer will beat all the hackers one day’ (Computerworld).

Good read for the weekend!