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Month: October 2014

Why Mobile Payment does not fly (yet) – No. 2 of the Series on Mobile Payment

I have been writing about the reasons before, why people do not adopt mobile payment, in spite of many companies, brick-and-mortar and start-ups alike, preaching the awesomeness of it. In… Read more Why Mobile Payment does not fly (yet) – No. 2 of the Series on Mobile Payment

Could lessons from retail transform the way healthcare works?

CVS has recently rebranded itself as CVS Health. It plans to open 600 new MinuteClinics over the next three years. Previously they just treated minor conditions. Now services are expanding to include preventative health (vaccinations, screenings and so on) as well as the management of chronic conditions. Can Healthcare indeed learn from retail? Most probably not in the way, Jacob West suggests, as the healthcare regulations and NHS requirements in the UK are certainly a different kettle of fish from what MinuteClinics and CVS are able to offer. Yet, there… Read more Could lessons from retail transform the way healthcare works?

Cisco targets SDNs at the speed of light

A Cisco-funded router startup has unveiled its first product, which the company says implements breakthrough silicon-to-photonics circuitry for scaling service provider networks and enabling them for software-defined networking (SDN). Compass-EOS this week announced the availability of the r10004, the first in a line of “core-grade” modular routers designed to increase network capacity and speed. The r10004 is powered by icPhotonics, a proprietary technology developed by Compass-EOS that is a chip-to-chip direct silicon-to-photonics implementation designed to provide terabit-per-second connectivity between line cards. BOth SDN and network function virtualization will definitely profit… Read more Cisco targets SDNs at the speed of light

Freihandelsabkommen contra Datenschutz?

Klarer als Thilo Weichert kann man es kaum ausdrücken, warum es in Europa bei TTIP harzt: “Datenaustausch hat in einer globalisierten Informationsgesellschaft eine zunehmende wirtschaftliche Bedeutung bekommen; diese Bedeutung wird weiter zunehmen. Daher spielt das Ziel des freien Datenflusses zwecks Abbaus von Handelshemmnissen bei internationalen Abkommen schon seit Jahren eine zentrale Rolle. Dabei wurde jedoch immer das weitere Ziel verfolgt, den freien Datenfluss von der Gewährleistung eines angemessenen Datenschutzniveaus abhängig zu machen. Auf diesem Gedanken basiert die Konvention des Europarates zum Schutz des Menschen bei der automatisierten Verarbeitung personenbezogener Daten… Read more Freihandelsabkommen contra Datenschutz?

Revealed: how Whisper app tracks ‘anonymous’ users | Technology | The Guardian

The Guardian confirms what we have known (but happily ignored) all the way: If you have a commercial app, it will be under surbeillance, except if their creators have made sure they do not have the technical ability (and then, well, it’s up to Apple, Google or whoever else to grant the agents access):   “…After reviewing Whisper’s back-end tools and speaking extensively with the company’s executives, the Guardian has also established that: User data, including Whisper postings that users believe they have deleted, is collated in a searchable database.… Read more Revealed: how Whisper app tracks ‘anonymous’ users | Technology | The Guardian

Huawei releases 4.5G Roadmap

Dubai was witness to some pretty bold statements that Huawei made with respect to the next expected steps in mobile technology. Expect to surf around the net with 6GBit per sec, be able to connect peer to peer and fill the CSPs backbone with loads of data to transport away from the radio access network points. “4G enables users to freely connect with each other, enjoy superior mobile broadband experiences and download at high-speeds, anytime, anywhere. Over the next couple of years 4.5G technology will be deployed that will offer… Read more Huawei releases 4.5G Roadmap