Web-based Forecasting Solution based on “R”

Shinetech Helps Fourworkx Launch New Web-Based Forecasting Solution for Customer Service Organizations


One of the biggest challenges in workforce management, is predicting the number of heads necessary at a given point in time in the future. This is a crucial decision in making a large call-center either a profit- or a cost-center.


Web-based Forecasting Solution | Shinetech Blog


That is, what four weathered experts in the area had in mind when starting the business. Taking into account, that an Australian researcher had formulated a number of useful statistical algorithms a while ago, and winning his support, the four entrepreneurs were quickly convinced, that using “R” , a GNU project based on work of the Bell Laboratories, for the “big data” part of the business, and .NET for the front-end would be a great way of doing this.

Apparently, with Version 1.2 now online and customers being highly supportive of the approach, these four brigvht founders were right in taking the plunge.

Not, that they are the only ones taking this route, as R is used by companies like Google to do statistical and graphical analysis, too.

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