Huawei releases 4.5G Roadmap

Dubai was witness to some pretty bold statements that Huawei made with respect to the next expected steps in mobile technology. Expect to surf around the net with 6GBit per sec, be able to connect peer to peer and fill the CSPs backbone with loads of data to transport away from the radio access network points.

“4G enables users to freely connect with each other, enjoy superior mobile broadband experiences and download at high-speeds, anytime, anywhere. Over the next couple of years 4.5G technology will be deployed that will offer faster speeds, lower latency and better functionality than the best 4G technologies currently available. It will also open up new revenue streams for operators resulting in a healthier and more profitable mobile broadband business”

Key features of 4.5G technology include the ability to have lower latency at 10ms, a peak download rate of around 6 Gbps and the support of 100,000 connections within a one kilometer square.

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