Smart Positioning Technology Is Coming to an exhibition hall near you

Let’s assume you are visiting mobile world congress. It is ice cold outside and ho in the different halls, and your appointments are shattered all over the place. If you are as challenged to really read and understand maps as I am, you have this moment of truth, when you realize you have absolutely no idea which partner to meet where first, even if it is neatly documented by your secretary in your agenda.

Where was booth J203 again? Hall 7 or 23? And which is the best way of getting there in time, while not dripping from sweat inside and catching a cold outside? Enter some clever technologists, that are able to help pinpoint your location while -given the right app is installed on your smartphone- aiding you towards your next meeting and allowing you WiFi access while you walk over relaxed. Ruckus is one odf the leaders in this segment, but by far not the only one: SPoT Smart Positioning Technology just to name one example.

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