Offshoring for Innovators

Gone are the days when software development was done only in Palo Alto or by corporate America within the glass towers of companies such as Sun and Oracle. With the right offshore outsourcing partner, any innovator with a market-worthy software idea can be successful.

Case in point: For example, more than 50 percent of the companies showing interest in working with our partner Shinetech (check them out, Shinetech are one of the fastest growing private companies, according to the Inc. 500|5000 list: are small and midsized innovators that have disruptive software ideas. By outsourcing their development to companies such as Shinetech they can develop those ideas quickly and affordably. They don’t have to be experts in software development, IT platforms, security, login procedures, HTML or CSS. They simply need good outsourcers who can provide this expertise for them.

Engagement simplicity

Experience shows a need for a unique approach to outsourcing for innovators. We provide innovators with an engagement manager who has vertical industry knowledge with an offshore development team that knows how to put the requirements into action.

With our service, innovators can structure and prioritize their requirements in their natural language with an engagement manager who then passes the information to the offshore team. Since the engagement manager works with both teams, he acts as scrum master for the offshore team and the owner of the start-up product.

Agile efficiency

The Agile process that we employ makes developing software fast and easy. The behavior-driven development process enables quick deployment of new applications even before all the imagined functionalities are implemented. It also improves efficiency by eliminating time needed for reworks.

In our Agile approach, we cut down on the time it takes for specification writing and quality assurance cycles by using tools such as Gherkin, Cucumber and Specflow, in conjunction with Ruby or .NET.

Development affordability

We do more than most offshore developers to help young innovators get their software ideas to market. Our money-back guarantee and free trial option keeps it affordable and minimizes their financial exposure.

And we employ a wealth of open source elements and ready-made development tools in order to control costs and speed the process. This ensures that innovative ideas can be realized much more quickly than initially imagined—and it’s how we have helped many innovators achieve success in their start-up endeavors.

Software development has indeed broken free from the laboratories of large corporations. With the affordable, accessible software development skills available, anyone who has an innovative software idea can succeed.