Assetmanagement iTAM for license-management – new Whitepaper available

Our new whitepaper regarding iTAM, the operating-system independent IT-Asset-Management solution, based on R&P renowned managed project office methodology is available. The MPO allows customers to perform a quick asset management analysis, regardless of operating systems in the network, data center or on-premise of the organisation.

The underlying toolset allows much more than the iTAM asset-management. It is part of the suite that also does disaster recovery, patch- and release-management and backup- and restore automation. With the right dashboard, management can easily manage licensing issues and be informed about the state of things at any given moment in time, get warnings on license threshold limits reached and avoid under- or overlicensing issues, both a costly affair.

MPO and the underlying toolset can help customers to manage costs in IT infrastructure much better.


iTAM Flyer-ENG iTAM Flyer-DE