Can Blockchain Improve Health? Great article by Prof Bill Buchanan!

Combining the powers of Blockchain into asset-management in healthcare equipment is a great addition to the wide areas of application for this new technology.

We have seen Blockchain taking its place in granting interested and properly authorized parties such as research, general practitioners (GPs) and clinical staff, insurance and the Pharma industry access to restricted documents such as agglomerated info from electronic health records or individual information. An MIT spin-off is working on this particular aspect with healthcare organisations globally.  Others are following or thinking about doing so (e.g. ) We have seen its advent in other sectors, especially in the insurance sector.

Now combining Blockchain technology with asset-management systems in the healthcare sector is a new approach:

Within clinical trials, too, Blockchain can be used to overcome the problems around fraudulent results, in that a complete record, with timestamps, of a trail, and which can be verifiable. This will provide both integrity and clinical provenance, and hope to increase collaboration and innovation. It is thought that the Pharma industry could benefit of $200 billion in defining a chain-of-custody in the supply chain.

Trust provides the core part of a medical infrastructure. Blockchain helps in decentralising it.

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