Industry 4.0 sees a Blockchain-Revolution

Just over a week ago I had the pleasure to speak in front of an active and interested audience, who were taking time out of their busy schedule to learn about the fundamental changes Blockchain can bring to the society and the market we live and work in.

The University of applied Sciences of Würzburg & Schweinfurt was a great venue to speak.

For everyone that might have an interest in how Blockchain technology on steroids combined with the internet of things and the new fifth generation of GSM might build the triangle that could turn out to be the most important instrument in the orchestra of the 21nd century, I am sharing the proceedings.

Thanks to Innovecs, under whose sponsorship the event was taking place and for the awesome auspice extended by Professor Dr. Thilo Büsching, holding the professorship for Economics and Media-Management in FHWS, who also happens to be a great friend of mine for many years.

See and download the PDF (in German language): 2017-10-15 Blockchain Revolution