News: AIWA GmbH and Webshops

During the pandemic, a lot of things have happened in the engine-room of the Roth & Partner vessel. We have changed quite a bit of how we work, without compromising our “traditional” benefits for customers.

First thing that happened: Roth & Partners have now a legal entity in Germany, AIWA Beratungs- und Handelsgesellschaft mbH. There are two major divisions. The IT-, product- and project division and the medical division.

As part of the product section, we have added one activity of importance. The current market of vaping in a recreational manner has inspired our cooperation with RELX Inc. a NY stock-exchange listed company, and their products we have now a distributorship for in the German market and beyond.

RELX Associations

We have started with two online-shops to address slightly different markets and bing open for resellers and partnerships:

WAKA-Vapes and WAKA-Shop.

If you are looking to engage, please do not hesitate to get in contact.