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Email and its discontents – offers safety on user- and provider level

It is not so easy to find ones way in the post-Snowden times. A myriad of thoughts, some well thought through, some less are surfacing giving the user mostly security theater (© Bruce Schneier, I would say) and some half cooked good ideas. Now here is something, that is still in-between, but could develop into something useful, if done right. If a service provider is lavabitten to hand over their data, it is very hard to say “nay”!  Therefore, all the approaches that leave mail bits and pieces freely accessible… Read more Email and its discontents – offers safety on user- and provider level

The Psych of Sec

Originally posted on Krypt3ia:
I recently gave this presentation at BsidesCT and have found that slideshare does not like my sense of graphic design as well as a slide…

Truecrypt licensing and codebase woes

Since the discontinuation of Truecrypt (a platform-independent encryption utility that has had some Linux distros reject it due to not completely compatible open source licencing), several groups, companies and interested parties have started forking it – both from the community of opensource experts and from the industry that is near commercial or governmental interest – latest to the show: Sirrix. Communication with the developers that have abandoned the project have proven to be difficult, but Matthew Green, cryptographer and research professor at Johns Hopkins University has been in contact with at… Read more Truecrypt licensing and codebase woes

Hilarious site

Infosec Reactions. Hilarious site – for Pentesters.   Not so much for the GIF memes which are mostly known, but for the explanations are hilarious. For Pentesters.   Infosec Reactions.