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The Ransomware-Attack Has Hit Us! Now What?

Applying IT Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity During the development of Security Policies for an organization that was at the beginning of a journey towards safeguarding their own (and their customer’s) data,… Read more The Ransomware-Attack Has Hit Us! Now What?

E-Commerce Migration? Get ready for a headache!

Migrating your shop to a different platform? Get ready for headaches. The net is full of complaints. Always, regarding any topic, but when it comes to e-Commerce, there is much more irritation than about any other topic, at least so it seems. The reason is that there is never a full comparison to be found (exceptions do exist, such as in Germany, but not completely for altruistic reasons, as they are playing a systems integrator role). In this overview, we will look at the issues, pitfalls and concerns when… Read more E-Commerce Migration? Get ready for a headache!


This is an astonishing and highly fascinating blog. Recommended reading! “Brain of each human being is completely unique. Its structure is highly influenced not only by our DNA but also by everything we experience in our life. You can find people even with the same DNA – but life history is something that cannot be duplicated. So brain activity is unique biometric every person has. And such biometrics are used in access control systems when security is needed. Simply, you can use your biometric as a password to gain access… Read more engineuring

Big Data, IoT and Healthcare: Part II

In the first part of this blog series, I covered how the healthcare industry can benefit from IoT and Big Data. In this week’s post I’ll take a more in-depth look into the potential security issues associated with Big Data and what the future holds for healthcare IoT. From cars and hotels, to consumer goods like lightbulbs and watches there is a growing network of everyday objects connected to the Internet.  These sensors and devices generate nonstop streams of data that can improve personal and professional lives in many ways. However, with… Read more Big Data, IoT and Healthcare: Part II