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Discover How Telcos Do Hadoop

Discover How Telcos Do Hadoop. Not all of the purposes will appeal to everyone (rummaging around in age-old CDRs is obviously not possible in all legislations), but here you go: Analyze call detail records (CDRs). HDP facilitates long-term data retention for root cause analysis of dropped calls, even years after the first issue. Service equipment proactively. HDP stores unstructured sensor data from the network. Telcos can apply machine-learning algorithms to this data and derive optimal maintenance schedules by comparing real-time information with historical data. Rationalize infrastructure investments. Using HDP to… Read more Discover How Telcos Do Hadoop

AGCOM seeks input on IoT

Like Ofcom in the UK, Italian AGCOM seeks input on Internet of Things. In the pursuit of business cases that will help Telecommunication Service Providers to leave the corner in which they stand as infrastructure providers like a worn out elderly catcher, the internet of things looks like a potential new business, where the chances are looking potentially better than in voice or data communications. The challenge for the carriers is the same as before, though: They need to embrace innovation, even if it means breaking traditional business processes. If… Read more AGCOM seeks input on IoT

Over 11,000 claimants join class action against Facebook’s NSA collusion |

Over 11,000 claimants join class action against Facebook’s NSA collusion according to the IT Portal. Indeed, the use of technology coming from companies like Facebook, Google or Apple is sexy – and the alternative is, as Srems said, “living in the stone age”. Years ago, having and using a mobile phone was a choice of technology. It became a choice of participating in society or not. School teachers and project groups in schools often manage times, meetings, places and information on the lasses and projects using WhatsApp, while the App… Read more Over 11,000 claimants join class action against Facebook’s NSA collusion |

iOS security myths debunked

In iOS security myths and threats,  Many of the underlying myths (like “iOS is safer than Android, as it has a walled garden approach in iTunes that keeps malign approaches beyond the fence”) are debunked. Good reading.