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This is an astonishing and highly fascinating blog. Recommended reading! “Brain of each human being is completely unique. Its structure is highly influenced not only by our DNA but also by everything we experience in our life. You can find people even with the same DNA – but life history is something that cannot be duplicated. So brain activity is unique biometric every person has. And such biometrics are used in access control systems when security is needed. Simply, you can use your biometric as a password to gain access… Read more engineuring

Vizio Smart TV hack is a wake-up-call for IoT development

Researchers have shown that it is -easily- possible to trick Vizio’s smart TVs in accepting a man in the middle attack on the data stream that flows between a service run by Cognitive Networks to feed maliciously placed ads on the screen of unsuspecting home cinema owners. This article published by, highlights the simplicity, which is striking. It also highlights the risk everyone running any “smart” devices is being exposed to. Not only malicious intentions, but also commercial ones have been shown by the researchers. The wealth of information… Read more Vizio Smart TV hack is a wake-up-call for IoT development