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Smart Positioning Technology Is Coming to an exhibition hall near you

Let’s assume you are visiting mobile world congress. It is ice cold outside and ho in the different halls, and your appointments are shattered all over the place. If you are as challenged to really read and understand maps as I am, you have this moment of truth, when you realize you have absolutely no idea which partner to meet where first, even if it is neatly documented by your secretary in your agenda. Where was booth J203 again? Hall 7 or 23? And which is the best way of… Read more Smart Positioning Technology Is Coming to an exhibition hall near you

Cisco targets SDNs at the speed of light

A Cisco-funded router startup has unveiled its first product, which the company says implements breakthrough silicon-to-photonics circuitry for scaling service provider networks and enabling them for software-defined networking (SDN). Compass-EOS this week announced the availability of the r10004, the first in a line of “core-grade” modular routers designed to increase network capacity and speed. The r10004 is powered by icPhotonics, a proprietary technology developed by Compass-EOS that is a chip-to-chip direct silicon-to-photonics implementation designed to provide terabit-per-second connectivity between line cards. BOth SDN and network function virtualization will definitely profit… Read more Cisco targets SDNs at the speed of light

Huawei releases 4.5G Roadmap

Dubai was witness to some pretty bold statements that Huawei made with respect to the next expected steps in mobile technology. Expect to surf around the net with 6GBit per sec, be able to connect peer to peer and fill the CSPs backbone with loads of data to transport away from the radio access network points. “4G enables users to freely connect with each other, enjoy superior mobile broadband experiences and download at high-speeds, anytime, anywhere. Over the next couple of years 4.5G technology will be deployed that will offer… Read more Huawei releases 4.5G Roadmap

Cook says, Apple won’t be able to unlock phones for the police anymore have an interesting article. Typically, with announcements on topics that touch national security, the CEOs in the US are very selective in their wording. So, it makes sense to indeed look at the wording to find out, what they omit or which interpretation they leave open – and most probably that analysis points more to the truth. You might remember Jonathan Zdziarski has an analysis published, that claims Apple has built, extended and maintained backdoors to their iOS operating system. With iOS 8, Apple won’t be able to unlock… Read more Cook says, Apple won’t be able to unlock phones for the police anymore

Mailpile: A bold approach for email privacy

The roadmap looks too good to be true, but the developers seem to be serious. They have taken the approach through the first months, delivered on their promises and now are trying out how far they can venture. Mailpile Beta is now open for the general public. These are the goals, they have set for themselves: Basics: It should be safe, easy and convenient to read, write, search and organize your e-mail. People should be able to communicate privately. For e-mail that means: Delivery: Messages are delivered intact and in… Read more Mailpile: A bold approach for email privacy