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T-Mobile US to open WiFi for crystal clear calls, even from the basement

This has been in the discussion of the Telco community for a while, sprinkled with a lot of “if”s and “when”s. Now TMUS gets it done, seriously. The Un-carrier unveiled… Read more T-Mobile US to open WiFi for crystal clear calls, even from the basement

Privacy app ‘Disconnect’ returns to Play and App Stores

Privacy app Disconnect returns to Play Store after ban by Google. It is a funny fact, that privacy and security on mobiles leave such a lot to be desired. There isn’t any way to block intrusive ads, enable an IP firewall or control usage of personal data (and potentially stop it) other than agreeing on installation – and whatever happens after is hidden from the user. Maybe there are some things, that a user simplky doesn’t want to allow all of the times, but in general? For example the location… Read more Privacy app ‘Disconnect’ returns to Play and App Stores

11 tips to prepare for SDN

Network World has 11 really good tips to prepare for SDN in the enterprise or any sizeable organization. And while they are at it, they also give a couple of good recommendations regarding the right role models (for one, Goldman Sachs seem to be one, but also The Pittsburgh Medical Center, just to name a few). Spending a bit of time running through the vendors that excel in the market (e.g. Vello, with OpenFlow 1.4 for optical enterprise SDNs) will make a lot of sense if you are planning… Read more 11 tips to prepare for SDN

Can I Trust My Networking Gear?

Can I Trust My Networking Gear?. In one of the Harry Potter books there was one great quote by Mr. Weasley, who I believe headed up the Office for the Detection and Confiscation of Counterfeit Defensive Spells and Protective Objects, who surely had information technology in mind when he said: “Never trust anything that can think for itself, if you can’t see where it keeps its brain.” I’ll paraphrase Mr. Weasley by saying “Never trust anything that runs software.” Good reading to start into the daily business.