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Category: Unix

Minix 3.3.0 out!

Andrew S. Tanenbaum publishes Minix 3.3.0. Tanenbaum is one of the lighthouse open source folks out there (don’t forget: his last university lecture is coming up in the Aula of Vrije Universiteit – and we are invited for free coffee!). Minix is cool, based on a microkernel of less than 13,00 LOC. It is largely compatible with NetBSD, and runs thousands of packages. Does ARM, too. Go get it.

Prof. Tanenbaum retires from Vrije Universiteit

I only dimly remember the mid-90s, but one event sticks out from all: The opportunity to listen to a presentation given by Prof. Andy Tanenbaum during the Unix User Group conference in Wiesbaden. This was the time, when I was mightily upsetting my fellow colleagues by bringing my own device (a shiny black NeXT cube with a 400 dpi black and white printer and a brilliant black and white display) into the office, and whenever any Windows machine in the office needed to be rebooted, I would observe the number… Read more Prof. Tanenbaum retires from Vrije Universiteit