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Singapore is getting its first shopping mall with eCommerce logistics services

With Shinetech (, we have been working on a similar concept for a mainland China shopping mall – already two years ago. This shopping mall not only was targeted specifically at online / offline convergence, but had a guiding theme (marriage), will the full assortment of gifts, clothing, celebratory elements and beauty for the most important day in the life. Combining online and offline in a creative way is one of the many innovations China is bringing to the market, and in fact, did so much earlier than good old… Read more Singapore is getting its first shopping mall with eCommerce logistics services

Transparency and Accountability in the IoT era

Here is a very clearsighted article on the topic of what to expect in the field of hacks, breaches and cybercrime. In the article, Igor Volovich paints a dim picture of the recent past (Target, Home Depot Wyndham) and resulting data loss and leaking of confidential customer PII. In the US, the FTC will increas its scrutiny of information security. We can expect penalization of irresponsible behaviour and will see enforcement happening. This creates an incentive for firms to cover up their breaches, and lost or stolen data. Which in… Read more Transparency and Accountability in the IoT era

Offshoring for Innovators

Gone are the days when software development was done only in Palo Alto or by corporate America within the glass towers of companies such as Sun and Oracle. With the right offshore outsourcing partner, any innovator with a market-worthy software idea can be successful. Case in point: For example, more than 50 percent of the companies showing interest in working with our partner Shinetech (check them out, Shinetech are one of the fastest growing private companies, according to the Inc. 500|5000 list: are small and midsized innovators that have… Read more Offshoring for Innovators

R&P to go service – provider

With this month, R&P is planning to go service provider. As Armin Roth, the managing partner said, “this step is a logical addition to the portfolio. In this fast-paced space, everyone is turning to the “as a service” business model”. Adding value to advanced pre-products as a platform is what makes the difference in the market, and combining platform and service offerings while using the available services provided as plug-and-play elements to form advanced capabilities to satisfy customer needs is key for gaining market share. Stay tuned for exciting news.… Read more R&P to go service – provider

Opinion on Mobile Payment #4: $600bn global remittance market is “terra incognita” for classic banks

In previous articles, I shared my opinion on the fact that mobile banking does not have a USP yet in developed countries. But there is an extraordinary one in a huge market (I mentioned the first CSP, Omantel alklowing for easy money transfers as the first one globally to allow banking business between private / residential users of their service as a notable exception from the rule). About a year ago, RBS and Barclays have been motivated to stop their remittance-business, due to lack in governance. The likes of Western… Read more Opinion on Mobile Payment #4: $600bn global remittance market is “terra incognita” for classic banks

When the teapot has a critical vulnerability

This opinion piece sums up nicely, what many conversations have shown to be the concern of the experts about those neat little items we feel have some added value due to their connectedness. We tend to trade a couple of minutes of leisure time against the risk of our household appliances being the attack vector for all kinds of crimes and attacks. Given the many webcams households have deployed and which are not only open to malevolent visitors from the internet due to faulty, neglecting, cheap implementation or even bad… Read more When the teapot has a critical vulnerability