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White-Paper: SCCM Optimization (2017-01)

Following research into the field of shortcomings in off-the-shelf IT infrastructure management software, we felt that the standard tools nearly all had some areas that were lagging behind what the practitioners in IT-infrastructure needed. Find our whitepaper here: SCCM-Optimization

White-Paper: Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity (2017-01)

From our recent work in a public sector critical infrastructure project, some considerations useful for decision-makers. Disaster-Recovery

Oder auf Deutsch: 2017-01-18-it-gau-was-nun

SME compatible contracting – Agile Fixed Price contracts

When Bitkom asked us to participate in a publication on innovation in outsourcing, we could not resist, and dedicated the thought estate offered on the topic, how medium sized companies would be able to engage in the Agile software development process, as contractual issues often disallow creative methodologies based on trust, preferring the written word over good will.Now Agile and Fixed-Price are not mutually exclusive! The publication centered on the thoughts on how Agile development methodologies could be boxed into fixed-price-contracts… Read it here / download the whitepaper: Mittelstandskompatibles_Agile_Development



Why Agile works – a reality check on the methodology

The driver behind the fact that Agile Software development actually works is pretty simple to explain. While there are lots of publications along the lines of “you are holding it wrong”, the only interesting point is, how do I hold it right? So here is the little secret about Agile development, that actually makes it a success:

download the whitepaper: Why_Agile_works


Writing attractive Proposals is an art of it’s own

Since more than 10 years we have been submitting answers to RFQs and calls for tender in the public sector.  Our best practices have been incorporated into a nice presentation that I was asked to give to a team of sales and marketing experts in Beijing, China, in November 2013. Make sure you have a look!
Proposal-Writing-Tender (this is the presentation only) and the whole lecture handbook is here: Proposal-Writing for Tenders-Manual

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