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Tag: encryption

How Europe can avoid to be living in a reality distortion field of ‘security’.

It is fairly surprising, what lately surfaces as being published from the distortion field around telecommunication infrastructure,  some three letter agencies and the German government. Golf-ball shaped architectural elements rais suspicion, “small cylindric white objects” have been seen removed from the neutral grounds of amicable allies’s embassies in Berlin lately, and the rules of conduct for the DoD stemming from 2005 are updated already for the members of that part of the administration in Germany. The grounds and reasons for current actions given to the general public are at least… Read more How Europe can avoid to be living in a reality distortion field of ‘security’.

Truecrypt licensing and codebase woes

Since the discontinuation of Truecrypt (a platform-independent encryption utility that has had some Linux distros reject it due to not completely compatible open source licencing), several groups, companies and interested parties have started forking it – both from the community of opensource experts and from the industry that is near commercial or governmental interest – latest to the show: Sirrix. Communication with the developers that have abandoned the project have proven to be difficult, but Matthew Green, cryptographer and research professor at Johns Hopkins University has been in contact with at… Read more Truecrypt licensing and codebase woes