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Tag: SDN

Cisco targets SDNs at the speed of light

A Cisco-funded router startup has unveiled its first product, which the company says implements breakthrough silicon-to-photonics circuitry for scaling service provider networks and enabling them for software-defined networking (SDN). Compass-EOS this week announced the availability of the r10004, the first in a line of “core-grade” modular routers designed to increase network capacity and speed. The r10004 is powered by icPhotonics, a proprietary technology developed by Compass-EOS that is a chip-to-chip direct silicon-to-photonics implementation designed to provide terabit-per-second connectivity between line cards. BOth SDN and network function virtualization will definitely profit… Read more Cisco targets SDNs at the speed of light

11 tips to prepare for SDN

Network World has 11 really good tips to prepare for SDN in the enterprise or any sizeable organization. And while they are at it, they also give a couple of good recommendations regarding the right role models (for one, Goldman Sachs seem to be one, but also The Pittsburgh Medical Center, just to name a few). Spending a bit of time running through the vendors that excel in the market (e.g. Vello, with OpenFlow 1.4 for optical enterprise SDNs) will make a lot of sense if you are planning… Read more 11 tips to prepare for SDN