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Month: September 2014

Is privacy ≠ anti-innovation?

  “Privacy has an image problem. Over and over again, regardless of the forum in which it is debated, it is cast as old-fashioned at best and downright harmful at worst — anti-progressive, overly costly, and inimical to the welfare of the body politic. Yet the perception of privacy as antiquated and socially retrograde is wrong. It is the result of a conceptual inversion that relates to the way in which the purpose of privacy has been conceived. Like the broader tradition of liberal political theory within which it is… Read more Is privacy ≠ anti-innovation?

Apple speaks refreshing words on security

Now, this is encouraging news. Apple spokesman tells the world that the “majority of Apple users are safe from bash exploits. Everyone can rejoice. “An Apple spokesperson has commented on the matter, stating that the majority of OS X users are safe from the exploits and that the company is working to provide a software update for advanced UNIX users: “The vast majority of OS X users are not at risk to recently reported bash vulnerabilities,” an Apple spokesperson told iMore. “Bash, a UNIX command shell and language included in… Read more Apple speaks refreshing words on security

Shoshana Zuboff on “Big Data”

Jump to Shoshana Zuboff on “Big Data”. This is an article that is well worth reading, as it tackles the state of society at the beginning of what can be dubbed a new industrial revolution, the Internet of Things, IoT (which she calls a euphemism): “What can an understanding of declarations reveal about “big data?” I begin by suggesting that „big data“ is a big euphemism. As Orwell  once observed, euphemisms are used in politics, war, and business “to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable”. Euphemisms like “enhanced interrogation… Read more Shoshana Zuboff on “Big Data”

Cook says, Apple won’t be able to unlock phones for the police anymore have an interesting article. Typically, with announcements on topics that touch national security, the CEOs in the US are very selective in their wording. So, it makes sense to indeed look at the wording to find out, what they omit or which interpretation they leave open – and most probably that analysis points more to the truth. You might remember Jonathan Zdziarski has an analysis published, that claims Apple has built, extended and maintained backdoors to their iOS operating system. With iOS 8, Apple won’t be able to unlock… Read more Cook says, Apple won’t be able to unlock phones for the police anymore

EHR giant Epic explains how it will bring Apple HealthKit data to GPs

But, what if patients say, “Hey, I want my data to go directly into my online data store, not to Apple, Epic, Larry or Moe?” Indeed, the commenter of the page is right in putting the question up again – after the iCloud leakage of bare-breasted celebrity pics even the last person should have learnt that giving up ownership of data inevitably leads to loss of it, regardless of whether it is Apple, Facebook, Google or Epic, or anyone else paying someone in the chain of data to participate on… Read more EHR giant Epic explains how it will bring Apple HealthKit data to GPs

Minix 3.3.0 out!

Andrew S. Tanenbaum publishes Minix 3.3.0. Tanenbaum is one of the lighthouse open source folks out there (don’t forget: his last university lecture is coming up in the Aula of Vrije Universiteit – and we are invited for free coffee!). Minix is cool, based on a microkernel of less than 13,00 LOC. It is largely compatible with NetBSD, and runs thousands of packages. Does ARM, too. Go get it.

Mailpile: A bold approach for email privacy

The roadmap looks too good to be true, but the developers seem to be serious. They have taken the approach through the first months, delivered on their promises and now are trying out how far they can venture. Mailpile Beta is now open for the general public. These are the goals, they have set for themselves: Basics: It should be safe, easy and convenient to read, write, search and organize your e-mail. People should be able to communicate privately. For e-mail that means: Delivery: Messages are delivered intact and in… Read more Mailpile: A bold approach for email privacy