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Great Pedigree

We have been serving the industry in our domains since over 8 years now. The references in these years include customers from the telecommunication industry, media, retail, the public sector, NHS-charities (healthcare), Software-R&D and e-commerce. Some examples of work are listed in our contemporary references:

Contemporary References (between 2011 and 2020)

Media & Telecommunications

Network management and operations are a traditional forte of Roth and Partners. With our client evolving both their mobile and fixed line networks, an impact on organization, the network architecture and the network management structure occurs. The target of our consultancy is to define standards for network management, based on operations requirements. Objectives are to support the client in their polymanaged environments:

  • Element Error Handling and Response
  • Element Register Management
  • Element Interface Modelling
  • Converging network handling

We are supporting the client with on-site support.

Big Data in Telecoms/GDPR

We have consulted a global player, a CSP going digital and changing their business model from the ground up, to develop a technical and legal strategy to feed their systems built on top of Hadoop (frameworks like Hive and Spark extracting data and Kafka / Storm for real time data feeding their “Big Data” management platform) with geolocation data to improve data quality and level of knowledge about their customer base by using little known specialty know-how of the telecoms expertise in R&P.


With emerging markets being both target-sales territories but also potential development services geographies, why not roll the two advantages into one contract?  Roth and Partners have helped two companies (one domestic, one in an emerging market) to join forces. The domestically stock-exchange listed company and the partner of R&P intend to cooperate on a global scale selling licenses and developing in a sizable, offshore development center. Read the Press releases:

Pure ERP

A large french high-tech industry client required an ERP system to be built according to their specifications. The team helped to build it while a partner kept an-onsite consultancy-presence at all times. Around 60 person-years of development in a cyclic versioning  and strict development discipline helped the customer to be satisfied throughout the project.

ERP and Workforce-Management

A recently closed contract allows us to provide services to build and operate a call – center application for modern business life: Imagine you don’t have to rethink calling back a client in an outbound call center operation. The application uses tropo, a voxeolabls framework.

Software Research and Development

We support several clients in tackling the European/Germanic Region. Our clients needed an entry with local help in several marketing and sales related services and follow-up-footwork for web-generated and ISR generated leads, when they decided to attack the CE/Germanic region. They asked R&P, who were thrilled to help in this endeavor.

Science/Marketing – Big Data

Our client has been pondering about their clever way of predicting the utilization of the workforce. They came up with a clever and well strategized idea of offering a service which would be cloud based and highly precise. Applying their deep-down knowledge in workforce management and using a strictly Agile development methodology with a local engagement manager, that speaks German, Dutch, Chinese and .Net equally well as BDD and helps tremendously in getting the requirements sorted out in a strictly behavior-driven-development structure, the R&P-partner cranks out the iterations in high velocity and takes advantage of getting test-automation for free as work proceeds with Specflow as a tool to generate the specification.


In order to be competitive and up to speed with regards to the European market, our client asked us to help them write the security policy, applying the state-of the art standards and incorporating both US as well as UK norms. R&P have done a thorough analysis of the requirements, the particular industry area and worked with the C-level in the client to derive a useful and sensible Security policy, covering all aspects that were needed, from Risk-Assessment procedures (inclusive writing and implementing the questionnaires), Asset-Registers, Antivirus-Strategy, Backup-, Testing-, Change-Request-, Incident-Management and Desaster-Recovery Strategies and including existing strategies and procedures (e.g. Staff-Onboarding/Dismission and Pentest-Strategies).

Homeland Security / Public Sector

We have been constantly serving in homeland security and mission critical environments. Contact us for more information.

 Write us an email and ask for rate-cards, contract-tempates, a free trial or our money-back-guarantee:

Take us by our word and check out the free trial of one week of offshore development and rely on us, as we have a money-back-guaranteee in place. Ask us about it!

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