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Surveillance in Oslo Government Quarter shows inadequate mindset to issues

Heise and Aftenposten  both report on IMSI catchers that have been detected in Norways government quarter. Now, given that anybody with a few thousand Euro in their hands can build such an IMSI catcher (which is capable of catching much more than just an IMSI, the unique mobile identification number of a cellphone, but can actually serve as a listening device to conversations and tape streams of voice-data), it is not neglect that is to be seen. In fact, it is an inability to see attacks while they are happening… Read more Surveillance in Oslo Government Quarter shows inadequate mindset to issues

Vodafone Weighing Takeover of Malone’s Liberty Global

With quite a bit of a shock going through the market regarding the Telefónica/BT deal, it didn’t take Vittorio Collao long to have a similarly heavy deal on the table. Vodafone seems to be weighing takeover of  Liberty Global according to Bloomberg: “Vodafone Group Plc (VOD) is exploring a combination with John Malone’s Liberty Global Plc (LBTYA) that would create Europe’s largest phone, Internet and TV company, worth more than $130 billion, people with knowledge of the matter said.” At least, the shares of vodafone won 2.9% on the London… Read more Vodafone Weighing Takeover of Malone’s Liberty Global

AT&T, Verizon agree to VoLTE interoperability in 2015

Things are moving quick in the mobile world. Interoperability is an issue in the Voice over LTE world, as it has always been in cellular communication. Currently, the standards that were pretty constant in the “old world” of GSM, have been drifting apart fairly quick, and the TMF has been asked to push “the toothpaste back into the tube” by making standards globally accepted, while many carriers rather enter into bilateral agreements than spend time on standardization issues. Nevertheless, TMF have been fairly good at doing precisely that. Yet, here… Read more AT&T, Verizon agree to VoLTE interoperability in 2015

Liquid Broadband: Community CSP

The CSP market is under pressure. Now a new entrant in Germany may cause even more disruptive crazyness:   German Wirtschaftswoche has it: “Wir bauen flächendeckend ein Volksnetz, an dem sich Bürger, Unternehmen und Kommunen direkt beteiligen können”, bestätigte Geschäftsführerin Beate Rickert die Pläne zum Aufbau eines neuen Mobilfunkunternehmens gegenüber der WirtschaftsWoche. Wer genau das neue Unternehmen finanziert, will Rickert noch nicht verraten: “Hinter uns steht eine Gruppe mittelständischer Investoren.” Mehr wissen auch das Bundeswirtschafts-ministerium und die Bundesnetzagentur noch nicht. So, a community-driven carrier that builds on offloading their mobile… Read more Liquid Broadband: Community CSP