How do we work with you?

We boost your Bottom-Line!

Research and Development, Innovations in Information Security and IT/Systems Integration, tailored solutions

Roth and Partners is specialised in providing best-of-class services and building your success on top of standard software that is unequalled and innovative. Roth and Partners have developed a network of companies that provide your IT or Research and Development needs with the answers in time and in line with business requirements.

With cloud computing being the agile developer’s match in heaven with elastic availability of resources, power on demand and storage in cost-efficient manners, enterprises strive today to extend their capabilities to make best use of these resources.

The three vectors of 

  • Outsourcing
  • Agile Software Development
  • Cloud

lead to the question about the risks involved: How about information security and what to do to protect company data while leaving the “millenial” user’s wishes regarding their free choice of hardware and OS granted?

Ask Roth and Partners for an innovative answer on what software to use to tackle this request, how to implement it and how to make the best out of your cloud.

Wether you are looking for carrier-grade end-to-end solutions, or whether your SW-product portfolio needs an overhaul with innovative approaches, product frameworks or select intellectual property rights, Roth and Partners may have the right answer in stock for you. 

We take the challenge and take responsibility to cover the whole lifecycle with our network of skilled and qualified engineers and experts. 

We are easy to work with (some even say, it is fun – but all agree working with us is boosting their bottom-line).

So don’t hesitate and get in contact with us: ar (at) r-and-p (dot) eu

How does the bottom-line-booster work?

Spending months and high hourly rates on IT-consultancy is a thing of the past. Our clients have reduced their expected cost by 30-50% while getting results much earlier than expected.

We provide you with a team which combines off-shoring (for the cost part) and on-site (part-time or full time) engagement management. We do small and large projects and support with software-develompment work which is starting with a one-person “team” to an offshore development center (ODC) of hundred of heads.
We have sites in Eastern Europe (Ukrainian software developers skilled in all the necessary development languages, e.g. .NET, Java, Ruby on Rails, HTML/CSS,) and development methodologies (Agile, Waterfall, Prince2, Hybrid) as well as the required specification skills (e.g.: Cucumber or Gherkin, Specflow etc.).
One of the greatest cost advantages is the combination of an on-site engagement manager and a team of senior Chinese developers, skilled in the grinder of american, australian and European projects.

Free Trial and money-back-guarantee!

On the delivery side, we excel in getting you rolling quickly: We can provide you with a free trial of the skills in one weeks time, let you have a look at the results and get you going with the project which is your heart’s desire. This way we help startups within Germany as well as other Eropean countries (Switzerland, BeNeLux, the Nordics).
We offer a two week money-back-guarantee for offshore work in China, so you don’t have to worry about risk. All our work output can be seen ready in quick sprints (Agile, Scrum, XP, iterative approaches supported).
You can’t go wrong with Roth and Partners. Just get in contact with us, and let us know, what is your heart’s desire, and we will surprise you with a matching budget and a good quality in work, german/dutch/french/spanish speaking engagement managers and requirement gatherers.

Additional Services

We do consulting on high technical level in the following sectors:
  • Telecommunication/Media
  • Retail/eCommerce
  • Public/Healthcare
  • Independent Software Vendors/High Tech
  • Manufacturing & ERP Systems

We have skilled consultants who are ready to help you with your industry and your individual topic – do not hesitate to let us know, what you need!

Offshore-Skills in particular:

J2EE, J2ME, JSP/Servlet, JSF/Facelets, Struts, Swing, SWT/JFace, Applet, EJB, JDBC, JAXB, JAX-WS, JPA, JTA, RMI, JMS, JNDI, LDAP, SOAP/Web Service, RESTful , PHP, .Net frameworks; Asp,, VB, C#, VB.Net, HTML, Flash/FLEX, Silverlight, DNN, ASP.MVC, WPF, WCF, Sharepoint, Dynamic CRM,SugarCRMSalesforce.comjMaki, JSON, Spring, Wicket, Seam, Hibernate, Toplink, Axis, RESTEasy,JBossWS, JavaScript, CSS, Seasar2, Oracle, MySQL, DB2, MSSQL, SQL Server, Access, PostgresSQL, Android, iOS and more


Wonder about Agile contracting models?

Read about Agile Fix-Price models fore the SME (german language) in a Bitkom publication we have worked on in our new section “studies & publications“!


Please contact me directly for any information or feedback.

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