Industry 4.0 sees a Blockchain-Revolution

Just over a week ago I had the pleasure to speak in front of an active and interested audience, who were taking time out of their busy schedule to learn about the fundamental changes Blockchain can bring to the society and the market we live and work in.

The University of applied Sciences of Würzburg & Schweinfurt was a great venue to speak.

For everyone that might have an interest in how Blockchain technology on steroids combined with the internet of things and the new fifth generation of GSM might build the triangle that could turn out to be the most important instrument in the orchestra of the 21nd century, I am sharing the proceedings.

Thanks to Innovecs, under whose sponsorship the event was taking place and for the awesome auspice extended by Professor Dr. Thilo Büsching, holding the professorship for Economics and Media-Management in FHWS, who also happens to be a great friend of mine for many years.

See and download the PDF (in German language): 2017-10-15 Blockchain Revolution


Can Blockchain Improve Health? Great article by Prof Bill Buchanan!

Combining the powers of Blockchain into asset-management in healthcare equipment is a great addition to the wide areas of application for this new technology.

We have seen Blockchain taking its place in granting interested and properly authorized parties such as research, general practitioners (GPs) and clinical staff, insurance and the Pharma industry access to restricted documents such as agglomerated info from electronic health records or individual information. An MIT spin-off is working on this particular aspect with healthcare organisations globally.  Others are following or thinking about doing so (e.g. ) We have seen its advent in other sectors, especially in the insurance sector.

Now combining Blockchain technology with asset-management systems in the healthcare sector is a new approach:

Within clinical trials, too, Blockchain can be used to overcome the problems around fraudulent results, in that a complete record, with timestamps, of a trail, and which can be verifiable. This will provide both integrity and clinical provenance, and hope to increase collaboration and innovation. It is thought that the Pharma industry could benefit of $200 billion in defining a chain-of-custody in the supply chain.

Trust provides the core part of a medical infrastructure. Blockchain helps in decentralising it.

See more in this intersting article: Can Blockchain Improve Health? | Prof Bill Buchanan OBE, PhD, FBCS | Pulse | LinkedIn

The DevOps Toolkit Series Continues: 2.2 Is Born | Technology Conversations

Someone should buy this guy a coffee!

The third installment in The DevOps Toolkit Series is public! Even though, while I’m writing this post, only 20% of The DevOps 2.2 Toolkit: Self-Healing Clusters is finished, I hope you’…

Source: The DevOps Toolkit Series Continues: 2.2 Is Born | Technology Conversations online

Finally, our managed/military project office is online. Head over to iTAM™ Intelligent Asset-Management to see the new generation of OSI2 based asset-management solutions utilizing our MPO approach.

The suite is sold under auspice of DELL in Switzerland.

The method Roth & Partners apply is taken from the background of a task force. With a field-proven, robust process the analysis of issues and their resolution is minimized in time and efforts.

We cordially invite you to have a close look and do not hesitate to ask us for a free consultation / initial audit by one of our partners.


90 per cent of the UK’s NHS is STILL relying on Windows XP

…. And a load of them say they’ll keep using it in 2017

Source: 90 per cent of the UK’s NHS is STILL relying on Windows XP • The Register

So, wouldn’t it be good to have a suitable solution to quickly switch to W10 (which seems to be the lesser evil) on NHS systems seamlessly and without issues? The Roth & Partners Managed Project Office can apply field proven methods to implement the iTAM (intelligent asset management solution plus active migration support) to audit, prepare, plan and transform NHS entities.

Cost is much less than one might think. The process cuts operational costs by 25-75%, according to studies in the public sector.

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Assetmanagement iTAM for license-management – new Whitepaper available

Our new whitepaper regarding iTAM, the operating-system independent IT-Asset-Management solution, based on R&P renowned managed project office methodology is available. The MPO allows customers to perform a quick asset management analysis, regardless of operating systems in the network, data center or on-premise of the organisation.

The underlying toolset allows much more than the iTAM asset-management. It is part of the suite that also does disaster recovery, patch- and release-management and backup- and restore automation. With the right dashboard, management can easily manage licensing issues and be informed about the state of things at any given moment in time, get warnings on license threshold limits reached and avoid under- or overlicensing issues, both a costly affair.

MPO and the underlying toolset can help customers to manage costs in IT infrastructure much better.


iTAM Flyer-ENG iTAM Flyer-DE



When do healthcare providers need CRM software development outsourcing?

Innovecs is ready to help healthcare providers with customized tech solutions. Outsource the development of your CRM solution to our experienced team:

Read more: When healthcare providers need CRM software development outsourcing

Some of you have already seen that we took up a new mandate beginning of this month. We are proud to mention our new partner Innovecs, an emerging R&D-house with incredible growth speed has entered into a collaboration agreement with R&P.

Especially in healthcare, reliability and dependability are key. The recent blog-post on healthcare CRM is a good read and shows a bit of background knowledge in Innovecs.