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Industry 4.0 sees a Blockchain-Revolution

Just over a week ago I had the pleasure to speak in front of an active and interested audience, who were taking time out of their busy schedule to learn about the fundamental changes Blockchain can bring to the society and the market we live and work in. The University of applied Sciences of Würzburg & Schweinfurt was a great venue to speak. For everyone that might have an interest in how Blockchain technology on steroids combined with the internet of things and the new fifth generation of GSM might build… Read more Industry 4.0 sees a Blockchain-Revolution

Can Blockchain Improve Health? Great article by Prof Bill Buchanan!

Combining the powers of Blockchain into asset-management in healthcare equipment is a great addition to the wide areas of application for this new technology. We have seen Blockchain taking its place in granting interested and properly authorized parties such as research, general practitioners (GPs) and clinical staff, insurance and the Pharma industry access to restricted documents such as agglomerated info from electronic health records or individual information. An MIT spin-off is working on this particular aspect with healthcare organisations globally.  Others are following or thinking about doing so (e.g.… Read more Can Blockchain Improve Health? Great article by Prof Bill Buchanan! online

Finally, our managed/military project office is online. Head over to iTAM™ Intelligent Asset-Management to see the new generation of OSI2 based asset-management solutions utilizing our MPO approach. The suite is sold under auspice of DELL in Switzerland. The method Roth & Partners apply is taken from the background of a task force. With a field-proven, robust process the analysis of issues and their resolution is minimized in time and efforts. We cordially invite you to have a close look and do not hesitate to ask us for a free consultation / initial… Read more online